About Us


Smart Jobs Match is a unique job matching service designed for organisations who work with unemployed people and job seekers. Smart Jobs Match will help people into work. Unlike other job sites and recruitment sites, Smart Jobs Match can be used like a virtual recruitment consultant, so wherever you are, whatever time of day, your Job seekers and trainees can keep up to date with the latest jobs. Once you register each Job Seeker and specify the jobs they are looking for our SMART system will automatically search the database and apply for jobs meeting their criteria. You can enter all the jobs you have and gather jobs from other sources, and log them in one central Jobs Board. Jobseekers can then apply for jobs, or you can select auto apply and jobs will automatically be applied for. This leaves more time to help prepare the job seeker for interview or build their personal skills. Less time is spent sending off job applications, but more time on skills development and personal development. The Jobseeker dashboard will even allow you to pre approve jobs or simply set their profile to auto apply and see which jobs they’ve applied for whenever you want. The technology behind our system also ensures that every time a new Job is added, we will automatically tweet the news to your twitter page giving you added exposure and sending all Jobseekers notification of new jobs. It’s so easy and it’s designed to save you time and money and improve your contract performance. And, most importantly, it is designed to help people back to into work –  the smarter way to find a job.

To provide an innovative and easy way for jobseekers to find work and help training Providers and Back to Work Companies meet their contracted jobs targets.

To offer an innovative solution for jobseekers and to be the preferred jobsmatch tool for helping unemployed people back to work in the UK and Europe.

We provide your organisation with a license to use SmartJobsMatch, for your jobseekers. You have your own web-based JobsMatch tool – where all your jobs can be uploaded. Once you upload the CVs and profiles of all of your job seekers and trainees seeking employment, our smart system matches jobs with your job seekers and can automatically apply for jobs if you wish to. Our system tracks number of applications, number of interviews for each of your Jobseekers.


SmartJobsMatch was set by Richard Hobday in 2016 to meet a gap in the market for easy to use effective web based systems for helping unemployed people and job seekers back to work. Richard has over 25 years experience of working with Public, Voluntary and Private sector originations delivering government contracts for unemployed people and economically inactive. His experience includes working on pioneering employment programmes in South Africa, Hungary and Romania as well as some of the first major skills programmes in the UK. HE has held Director positions for major Back to Work and Training Companies, including Tomorrows People; Urban Futures, North London Business, MBA and Action Acton. Richard also worked as a consultant securing and delivering contracts with many FE Colleges, Training Providers and charities across the UK. He works with the SFA, DWP and Local Economic Partnerships, as aw ell as many local authorities, as an Adviser on their employability skills contracts. He is also a Director of a Training Consultancy and European training organisation. His exceptional and detailed knowledge of delivering government contracts means the SmartJobSearch system has been developed to ensure it helps organisations maximise the outcomes and job targets they need – not only maximising contract income but also maximising the number of people who are able to gain work.


John Kester has a lifetime of experience within Back to Work and Skills training sector. He held senior roles with Instant Muscle, Sutton Council, Westminster Adult Education Services, Newham College and North London Business. He is a specialist in managing back to work contracts, securing new funding and turning around underperforming contracts.


Our SmartJobsMatch tool has been used by Newham College, Westminster Kingsway College, Hackney Marsh Partnership and Inspire. It has also been crated specially for unemployed Actors, who are seeking work and launched under the brand SmartCasting  www.smartcastingcouk